TicketPremium is a product of the company Wari Pay.

Ticket Premium is a prepaid ticket with guaranteed and protected value (25 €, 50 €….) Which can be purchased online or in one of the many points of sale of our partner networks in Europe. Once purchased, the 16-digit pin code of the ticket is then used to pay on online gaming sites and on video game sites.

Wari Pay, Electronic Money and Payment Establishment, offers innovative payment methods such as WariCash, which allows cash payment for orders placed online and Ticket Premium, a prepaid coupon that enables payment on online gaming sites or video games. These solutions are distributed on the Internet or in convenience stores, in more than 150,000 partner points of sale in Europe.
With 550 million euros in payment volumes managed in 2018 and 1.5 million users, WariPay is one of the very first French FinTechs with more than 15 years of experience and innovation in the field of payments and of electronic money. WariPay solutions are accepted by more than 400 brands including ENI, Purebike, Xsolla, Winamax, Pokerstars, PMU, Dofus and Ubisoft.
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